Doggy Stuff Shop Dog Electric Kill Lice Cleaner Brush
Doggy Stuff Shop Dog Electric Kill Lice Cleaner Brush

Pet Fleas Lice Electric Cleaner

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Say goodbye to all the cleaning and picking up of fur all over your furniture and carpet, and no more pouring big bucks pet groomers - at the same time allowing you to create a stronger bond and better understanding of your pets.

This grooming brush can get all nasty mats out of your pet’s fur, removes loose hair and dead fur, removes dead fur, loosens tangles, and knots for your pets. Grooming and massages are good for skin health, increases blood circulation, this pet slicker brush designed to penetrate effectively, and can not damage or scratch your pet's skin. Reduces up to 95% of fur loss, and will not damage or scratch your pet's skin. 

Our pet grooming brushes are strong enough for big dogs and thick enough for smaller ones. The overall structure of the brushes is made with the best quality materials. Non-slip grips are ergonomically designed to take the shape of your palm. All metal components are stainless steel of high grade. They are durable and built with a long lifespan.

  • This All-in-One Self-cleaning brush is suitable for many pets, especially with Long, Medium, Short, Thick, Wiry, or Curly Hair
  • Self cleaning-no more stabbed fingers. Simply click the button to clean the brush.
  • So easy! Features a strong and durable comfort grip handle.
  • Keep your pet looking and feeling great!